Projects – Johnston



Harvard University – Cambridge, Massachusetts

Completed with Perkins+Will

The design for this space was driven by a unique opportunity to deploy two state of the art mass spectrometry instruments – including an Ultra High Resolution IRMS system and a Neptune Series high resolution multi-collector ICP-MS – neither of which were available for academic research in the US at the time. With the considerable size and infrastructure requirements of both, the faculty saw this as an opportunity to create a purpose built core facility that would be able to provide better environmental conditions for mass spectrometry research, while also creating a central shared facility which would support the equipment needs of multiple faculty in an open and collaborative environment. While the facility is small in size, it is designed to accommodate up to seven mass spectrometers, by utilizing an open flexible floor plan and regular matrix of overhead utilities to allow for changes over time. The overall design is simple, but maximizes visibility both within the space and from adjacent common areas, creating a compelling showcase of the unique research capabilities of the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department at Harvard.