Projects – EV Nautilus



Ocean Exploration Trust – Naragansett, Rhode Island

EV Nautilus is a 64-meter exploration vessel stationed in the Pacific Ocean, which supports the various exploration and mapping expeditions conducted by the Ocean Exploration Trust. Among its many other resources – including telepresence rooms, studio space, and remotely operated vehicles – the ship’s wet lab supports the core research activities of each cruise, providing space for processing, storing, and analyzing biological and geologic samples collected from the ocean floor. As the first of a series of phased renovation projects designed to expand and improve the ship’s wet lab facilities, this project focuses on establishing an efficient, high-throughput space for sample processing and analysis, while also laying the groundwork for future expansion. Focusing primarily on the flow of research and the overall atmosphere, the new wet lab provides a simple, flexibly zoned lab space with durable finishes capable of withstanding the motion and wear the lab is subjected to by nautical conditions, ultimately resulting in a versatile research space capable of supporting quiet research as well as surge capacity within a small, but engaging environment.