Projects – CHSI



Harvard University – Cambridge, MA

The Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments (CHSI) at Harvard University consists of a unique assortment of thousands of historic objects which represent ground-breaking and rare scientific achievements. The collection was established in 1948 and is recognized as the second largest of its kind in the world. As part of its program, CHSI maintains a long-term archival storage facility on site, where instruments and artifacts not on display are stored in museum-quality archival space. In addition to serving as a storage repository, this space also provides a setting for preservation and educational work, providing a unique opportunity for student engagement with these historic objects. This renovation will provide a wholesale upgrade to the existing on-site facility, incorporating new environmental systems and controls, enhanced thermal envelope construction, and additional program elements including preservation workstations and cold storage to supplement the high density shelving – increasing the storage capacity and quality to help safeguard the overall longevity of the collection as a whole.