Projects – Warinner



Harvard University – Cambridge, Massachusetts

Completed with Perkins+Will

The Warinner Laboratory focuses on extraction and sequencing of ancient biomolecules – including work with DNA samples ranging from 100 to 70,000 years old – with the goal of understanding how microbes have influenced our evolution, and how they continue to impact our lives. To aid in this research, this compact facility provides ISO 6 and ISO 7 clean room environments designed for the extraction and processing of DNA and protein samples for sequencing and analysis. Designed with future expansion in mind, the space is simple and modular, focusing on integrating a new interior envelope and plenum space to ensure proper air flow and quality in a thermally challenged existing building, while still allowing access to natural light from all areas of the lab. Recognizing the unique research of the lab, adjacent corridor spaces are designed to provide ample views into all aspects of the process, allowing for simplified media access, as well as educational use without compromising the clean environment.